We’ve been frequently asked if we provide any unnamedediting services or publishing help and we’ve decided to add a few services to to help our community of writers get their work to the next step. While we only have a few services available at the moment, we plan to add more in the coming weeks and months, so check back often! You can see the new services page HERE.

Current Available Services:

unnamed_largeCreatespace Formatting– You’ve finished your final draft and you’re ready to publish your work through Createspace. The problem is, you aren’t really sure how to format that bad boy so it prints the way you expect it to. Or, maybe you just don’t have time to worry about those indents and centered chapter titles. Whatever the trouble is, we’re happy to help! See our pricing breakdown below. Publishing a novella? No problem, we price it out in brackets so you aren’t paying for 100k words when you’re only publishing 50k. Once you’ve sent your payment, we’ll e-mail you with a short questionnaire (asking things like what size book you’ll be printing, and instructions on how to get your manuscript to us). Once it’s received, you should have a fully formatted piece within 48 hours or less, ready for upload to Createspace!

Final Draft Proofreading You’re working on that final draft but it’s still not perfect. You’ve read your manuscript at least three-hundred times and your brain has gone into auto-pilot so you easily miss those little typos at this stage. Things like double words, missed indents, and forgotten articles are the easiest things to slip under the radar on your final trip through the manuscript. If you’re on your final draft and need an extra set of eyes to look for those last little issues, we can help! We’re happy to proofread your short story, novella, or full-length novel manuscript.

unnamed_c76ebd1f-8914-4b9f-af8b-42223d3c9144_largeSingle Author Short Story Collection Prep Package– So you have a smattering of short stories you’ve written that you’d like to release as a collection, the problem is: you have no idea where to start. We’ve released an anthology or two, and chances are, we have the answers you need! This package includes strategic planning for the layout and order of your stories, so your readers stay captivated from beginning to end, Createspace formatting so your manuscript is ready for upload. You also have add-on options for Social Media Marketing Campaigns and Book Blurb/Description Writing.

Hunger_largeInstagram Marketing Campaign– A major part of self-publishing is handling all the various facets of marketing. It can be daunting trying to figure out how to give your followers relevant and compelling posts that will draw them in and make them excited to purchase your book. With our help, you can captivate your followers, gain new fans, and market your new or upcoming book, collection, or other projects, in a unique way that is completely tailored to your work and your target audience.body_large

Dynamic Instagram Marketing Image– Marketing across social media can make a huge contribution to your book sales and fanbase. We get more clicks through to our website and shop from Instagram than anywhere else because we are active, and because we post dynamic images with popular hashtags. If you’ve struggled to market through Instagram, let us help!

Developmental Editing– So you’ve finished your first draft of a short story/novella/novel manuscript and you want to make sure you’ve weaved a web where everything ties up into a nice, tight little fly trap. You want your mysteries all wrapped up in a pretty bow, and we can help!

Something missing you’d like to see offered as a service by FunDead Publications? Send us an e-mail at