Flash Fiction *Endless Discipline*


Endless Discipline

G. E. Smith


“Mother, Edmund ran me through with a metal fencepost.”

After you set me on fire,” Edmund said.

“Enough.” Mother looked at the entryway rug spackled with blood and bits of charred flesh. “That’s the third rug this week you two have ruined. Out, both of you.” Mother grabbed her purse and car keys and went outside.

“Where are you going?” Emily said.

“In town to get another rug.” Mother tore out of the driveway.

Edmund and Emily grinned at each other.

“Race you to the stump with the rusty hatchet in it,” Edmund said.

The two siblings sprinted off.

* * *

Mother tapped the steering wheel as the car idled at a T intersection.


The sign arrow pointed left.

Mother put the convertible top down. She smiled, turned right, and floored the accelerator. Being an immortal single mom hadn’t been easy, but that was all about to change.

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Cover Reveal for ‘One Night in Salem’


Autumn 2017, explore Halloween Night in Salem through a collection of short stories spanning four-hundred years. PRE-ORDER HERE.

One Night in Salem - High Resolution

From the cursed settlers to the Great Salem Fire of 1914, from the whispers of war in 1812 to the story of a bullet hole in an alley on Gedney Street. Bear witness to things both lost and forgotten in the passing of decades and remember tales of a city long gone, for Salem is different on every other day of the year. One night remains a celebration of the darkness wrapped up in the arms of specters still haunting the place in which they lived and died. Travel through time, glimpsing the Witch City on the most important night of the year, October 31st.

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE TBA, EXPECTED LATE SEPTEMBER, 2017. Pre-order now to ensure your copy and a special pre-order bonus, TBA.

Featuring stories by:

Erin Crocker, Kathleen Halecki, Linette Kasper, Elizabeth Sweetman, Nancy Brewka-Clark, Jim Towns, E. D. Margay, L. W. Bellin, Jonathan Nichols, Jeremy Megargee, Samantha Lucero, Heddy Johannesen, Daniel LeFever, R. C. Mulhare, Steve Zisson, Chad McClendon, Kevin Lewis, Patrick Cooper, Charles Reis, Benjamin N. Thomas, Few More TBA

Flash Fiction *Down the Alley*


Down the Alley

by Rie Sheridan Rose

            It was a quiet night… until the short-cut. I should have known better.

The library had been open late, so I was in a hurry. Mr. Tuggles would be so cross. He was used to being fed by six. That’s why I took the alley. It cut twenty minutes off the walk home.

I was a little distracted by the knowledge that my cat would be hungry. So I didn’t notice the noise at first. The little squeaking.

But it got louder and louder. Squeaks. Lots and lots of squeaks.

Then the eyes. Red dots about ankle high.

I started to turn around, but there were eyes behind. I clutched my purse by the handle. It was heavy enough to do a bit of damage.

But there were too many eyes. Too many squeaks. Both ways.

Could I get around?

My eyes darted back and forth.

I tried to run forward. Get through them to go home…

But the cat wasn’t the only thing that was hungry that night.

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Flash Fiction *Burn*



Karen Heslop

“No! Don’t go in there!” she cried while gripping the fireman’s arm.

The burly man pulled away from her easily and ran towards the burning house. She watched him disappear into the roiling sea of orange and yellow. Silently, she willed the bricks and beams of the old house to crumble and bury everything. God would forgive her; He would understand. Suddenly, the fireman exploded from the front door with his blanketed package in tow, a smile brightening his soot-smeared face. He released the sole occupant of the inferno as soon as it was clear he could walk on his own. The tall, lanky man who she now knew was not a man at all walked towards her on unsteady legs. She clenched and unclenched her fists in both fear and frustration. When he embraced her, two tentacles from his true form protruded from his chest to brush against her breast roughly and her body stiffened involuntarily.

“My dear…fire never works,” he whispered in her ear mockingly.

A single tear ran down her cheek.

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‘Entombed in Verse’ Releases Info & Book Trailer



Souls long gone still wander among the living in Salem. The sound of gallows swinging lingers in the wind. Salem is a boneyard, and like its cemeteries, it mingles four centuries of history with buds of new life sprouting up between the crevices. History is carved into the gravestones, but the death throes of autumns and icy morgue of hundreds of winters have worn away the words, eroding fact into legend. Accusations and confessions have crumbled away into poetry, under the spring shade of new leaves, surrounded by wildflowers.

FunDead Publication’s first poetry anthology is in the final stages! You can pre-order your copy HERE, to be shipped on or before the release date of August 5th, 2017. 


This anthology includes poems by:

Amber Newberry, Laurie Moran, Erin Crocker, Rie Sheridan Rose, Jon Bishop, Alec Firicano, Samantha Lucero, J.H. Crone, Cynthia Morrison, Destiny Eve Pifer, Conrad Audette, Cindy Veach, Joanna Costello, Anusha VR, L.J. Paxson, Heather Wagner, Chris Denmead, Marc Sorondo, Monika Bielecki, Jon Etter, Melissa Pleckham, Nancy Brewka-Clark, John Etter, Sebastion Herzfeld, Samantha Lucero, R.C. Mulhare, Ariella Ruth, G.E. Smith, Phil Storey, Hannah Jane Bones, Bret Valdez, Alec Anthony Firicano.

Render Unto Caesar



Render Unto Caesar

Liam Hogan

“Mr. Odberry?”

A face appears in the thin gap between door and frame. Nose too big, lips too grey, eyes red and glistening.

“Mr. Joseph Franklin Odberry?”

“Yes?” the rabbit at the doorway nervously replies.

I flash my ID card and give him a reassuring smile. “I’m Ms. Adriana Prescott, from NHS Blood and Transplant. May I come in?”

“Is this… is this about my kidney?”

I nod, solemn now. “Yes, yes it is.” Continue reading