Curse of the Were… by D.A. D’Amico



Curse of the Were…

By D. A. D’Amico

Oh, I was so close…

I’d just learned the whereabouts of the foul-mouthed Gypsy, the brother of the stuttering Turk who’d cursed me, when the moon rose to sit bloated atop the edge of a nearby skyscraper, its bright jaundiced light filling the street.

I reached the doorway just in time, leaving a boot behind on the rough cobblestones as my feet changed shape. Hair sprouted wildly. My face widened and my jaw snapped forward; fingers, once thin and gracile, expanded to become fat calloused sausages with long claw-like nails. A howl of pain escaped my burning throat. I vomited evil-smelling bile down the front of my swelling chest, collapsing in a heap of obscenely quivering flesh. Continue reading


Flash Fiction Friday *Breathtaking*



by Mike Carey

93eaf9b67ac9a96a0d79165b8d588d0bKaty was cursed.

When she was little, her grandmother had told her that she was going to be ‘breathtaking’.  At the time she didn’t know what that meant, but by the time she was sixteen, her grandmother’s prediction had come true.  Extremely so.

Every man she crossed paths with found her to be, as her grandmother said, ‘breathtaking’.

Katy didn’t like it.  She didn’t try to be that way.  It was natural and there was nothing she could do about it.

She tried to stay inside as much as possible and not draw attention to herself, but she had to go outside sometimes.   Even on her worst days, men everywhere found her breathtaking.

Katy never stayed in one place very long.  She was adept at making herself disappear.

Each time she moved on, a local police force was left befuddled, hopelessly confused by the discovery of several asphyxiated men.


You can find Mike Carey’s other work at Salem Uncommons.

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