PODCAST- FunDead’s Special Episode of Life After Midnight: Strange History, Salem Style



We had an amazing time recording an episode of Life After Midnight recently, where we discussed our upcoming anthology, ‘One Night in Salem’ with Kristin and Allison! We talked about the gothic literary connections to Salem, and about historical connections within the anthology. Listen at the link below, be sure to subscribe, especially if you’re a history buff!



‘Entombed in Verse’ Official Release Date Announcement



We are pleased to announce the official release date for ‘Entombed in Verse: An Epitaph for Salem’, FunDead’s very first poetry anthology. The book is planned for release on 8/5/17 This beautiful collection of poems features over thirty dark pieces revolving around the subject of Salem’s dark history, myth, and legend. The anthology includes poetry written by many local writers, as well as some international poets!
You can reserve your copy today on FunDeadShop.com. We are in the planning stages of an official release day event and will share this information as it becomes available. This lovely collection will also be available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. We will also release a list of local shops carrying the book as it is confirmed, though we do expect our usual favorites to have copies in stock. Readers will also have the opportunity to snag a copy at the release event, TBA.

Cover Art Reveal for ‘Entombed in Verse’



We are pleased to announce the cover art for the very first FunDead Publications poetry anthology, Entombed in Verse: An Epitaph for Salem! This forthcoming anthology features poems written by authors both local and distant. The collection revolves around the subject of Salem history, legend, and myth. You’ll read about Giles Corey and glimpse moments within the Witch Trials era, but you’ll also read about Harmony Grove Cemetery, the Great Salem Fire, and even experience a harrowing ride on the elevator at the Hawthorne Hotel. Continue reading

New Tombstone Necklaces on FunDeadShop.com



We are pleased to announce that FunDead Editor, Laurie Moran’s handmade headstone necklaces are now available on FunDeadShop.com! Her venture, The Cemeterrarium, has been selling at our local events, and due to their success, we’ve decided to add them to our shop!

Each piece is handmade with polymer clay, then hand painted and distressed, and added to a unique, upcycled necklace. Each stone is one triangle4of a kind, and they go fast, so if you see one you really like, grab it quick!

Follow @TheCemeterrarium on Instagram for more photos and updates and to follow Laurie’s ‘DIYing’ of these pretty little stones! See the available pieces in our shop now! Visit the following link to browse: The Cemeterrarium.


‘Night in New Orleans’ Now Available!



That’s right! ‘Night in New Orleans’ is now available! Click your preferred link below to snag your copy, or purchase locally in Beverly, MA at Cabot St. Books & Cards!



(eBook available for Kindle!)

Barnes & Noble

FunDeadShop.com Gets A Facelift!


14516584_1195058810551440_4792100642472757029_nWe’ve spent the last couple of days overhauling our web store in preparation for the release of ‘Night in New Orleans’! See the shiny new site at FunDeadShop.com.

You can sign up for exclusive sales and coupon codes for our shop here.

Patreon supporters also get 10% off on FunDeadShop.com simply by becoming a Patron! Click here to find out how you can help keep Indie Horror Publishing alive and well in Salem, MA.


Defender of the Girth


Doctor with clipboard

Defender of the Girth

By John Taloni

Jerome sat in the examining room, waiting for the doctor to return. The chill metal of the examination table bit into his thighs. The too-small gown, open wide in back, provided little warmth. As the minutes ticked by Jerome tried the chairs in the room. They were all too small and the sides pushed into his legs.

After a half hour, the doctor finally came back. He gave Jerome a quick look, then stared at his clipboard. “Well, it’s arthritis,” he said, “Bone on bone.”

“I see,” said Jerome, “I’d pretty much guessed. So what are my options?”

The doctor barely looked up from his clipboard. “Lose some weight,” he replied.

“Um.” Jerome tilted his head, “Of course I’ve tried many diets. It’s not really as easy as that.” Continue reading