*Flash Fiction* The Stranger in Your Bed



The Stranger in Your Bed

By Laura Beasley

Her answers didn’t add up.

She told him the wooden cage was for a large bird she’d caught. But only small and medium-sized birds lived in the woods. She let him chop up the cage to burn in the fireplace.

She let him scrape the candy off the outside of the cottage. It had been a failed decorating project she’d seen on Pinterest. Women do crazy things.

They met on a dating website. He liked her long, grey hair and flowing black dresses. She was interested in marriage and liked children. She owned her cottage in the middle of the woods.

Their relationship was clicking and he planned to pop the question. He was ready to bring his grandson to visit on weekends.

Everything changed one day. He was fixing dinner in her kitchen while she painted her nails blood-red. He needed more EVOO for the salad dressing. He found the pouch of bones in the pantry. They were children’s finger bones.

He never married her. He kept his grandson safe.

He called the cold case district attorney. The DA had been searching for the killer of a missing child. A little boy had been lost in the woods for more than a decade.

Hansel’s parents would find peace at last.



Crown of Thorns



Crown of Thorns

By Mark Slade

Blake came to Kerr’s séance, hoping to get in touch with his dead son.

Miles had committed suicide almost a year ago, just as Gregory Blake decided to quit his nationally televised show where he gave his sermons every Sunday morning at eleven a.m., a prime spot for syndication, right before football. Rev. Archbishop Gregory Blake, his full title, had his show, loyal worshipers that hung on to every word he spoke, nice cars, and a nice home in Canyon.

But he also had a lot of troubles. Twice a divorcee, women and drink would always complicate Blake’s life. Almost tried twice for being Heretic, he had less than half of the Church Officials he could call his friends or colleagues. It was Blake’s outspoken rants on Homosexuals in the Church, and getting the right literature to for married couples and non-married couples concerning planned families, or the fact he didn’t believe Mother Mary was  a virgin when she had Christ, that was kind of way of thinking as a carrier of Christ’s words and teachings, really ticked them off. None of that weighed on his mind as much as being able to talk to Miles one last time. Tell him, he was sorry. Continue reading





By Chad A. McClendon

Bruce Kelley ran his fingers through his dust broom thin hair as he opened his corporate email Monday morning. His pants were still damp and cold from being pulled out of the dryer too quickly, the coffee burn hurt his mouth from earlier in the morning, and his boss was already complaining. He scanned his emails in order of importance, and opened one labeled Urgent Response Required; he scanned the contents of the missive and downloaded the spreadsheet attachment.

It was a report he was not familiar with, and he tried clicking on the tabs of data at the bottom of the sheet. He clicked, whispering at the sheet for not responding. His pointer on the screen turned into a spinning loading wheel, and he crossed his legs under his desk.

“Darn thing.”

He noticed a flashing icon near the ribbon and saw a warning alert. Warning, sheet contains macros. Click here to enable. Bruce pointed a finger accusingly and clicked his mouse determinedly. Continue reading

Down the Well by Rie Sheridan Rose



Down the Well

Rie Sheridan Rose

“It used to be a real well,” Greta said, leaning her chin on her crossed arms.

“Like, in the old times?” asked Pete, standing on the other side of the stone circle. He peeked over the edge curiously.

“My dad says this used to be a farm long back. The well went dry, and they couldn’t keep going,” she replied. “Now people throw coins in it.”

“It’s a wishing well?” He levered himself up on the wall, leaning out over the edge. “How cool is that!”

He jumped back from the well. “You have any coins?”

She reached into the pocket of her overalls and pulled out a handful of change.

Pete grabbed it out of her hand and darted back to the well, tossing the whole handful into the hole. There were a series of muted plops and a couple of plinks…there must be a bit of water left in the well after all.

“You asshole!” Greta screamed, stamping her foot. “I didn’t give you all of those. I didn’t give you any of those! My lucky silver dollar my grandpa gave me was one of those. I gotta get it back.” Continue reading

*CLOSED* Now Accepting Salem Poetry Submissions



Now Accepting Poems About Salem, MA

‘Entombed in Verse: An Epitaph for Salem’


FunDead Publications is now accepting poetry submissions about Salem,MA, or poems SET IN Salem, MA.  Close date is April 30th, 2017 May 31, 2017, at midnight.  While we enjoy many forms of poetry, we are specifically looking for classic styles, especially poems that tell a story, history, lore, or folk tale revolving around our home city of Salem.  We welcome poems about witch culture in Salem, but we’d also love story poems about the spice trade, pirates, or literary history.  We’d also love poems about the cemeteries, or or other spooky locations in Salem.   Remember, we are a horror publisher, so the darker the better!  Think: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, The Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ANY POEM by Edgar Allen Poe, Rain on a Grave by Thomas Hardy, A Reminiscence by Anne Brontë. While poetry does not have to rhyme, we do enjoy when it does, but it is not a requirement for this anthology. Continue reading

Shadows in Salem Book Trailer


It is with great pleasure that we announce the first FunDead Publications anthology, Shadows in Salem, will be released on September 6, 2016!  Each piece is a work of fiction set in our hometown, Salem, Ma, aka The Witch City. The collection features twenty writers from all over, a whopping seven of them local, being either from Salem, or very nearby.  We will be posting short bios and links about the writers on our Facebook page over the next few weeks.

To drum up some excitement, we’ve created a spooky trailer for your viewing enjoyment.  Take a look below and mark your calendar!  Shadows in Salem will be available in print on 9/6/16, local retailers TBA.  Print copies will be sold online through Amazon.com, as well.  We will also have eBook version available for Kindle and Nook.  Special release events are in the works and will be announced as soon as the information becomes available.

About Shadows in Salem:

“For anyone who knows the history, Salem, Massachusetts has more than a few stories to tell. Travel to the Witch City within the pages of these collected short stories, and know the captivating nature of one of the oldest towns in America.

Feel the summer breeze at Salem Willows and smell the scent of mulled cider drifting down Derby Street. See the wharf from a birds-eye-view, feel your toes in the sand while the sun sets over Dead Horse Beach, and find the secrets that reside in the very cracks of three-hundred-year-old tombstones in the Old Burying Ground. Spend a night among ghosts and witches and know the magic of Salem, where myth and legend collide with truth. Do beware, dear friends, for the Witch City has a dark side, and there is more to those legends than what you might read in the pages of a dusty old book. Remember to look over your shoulder, for you never know what shadows follow you down that dimly lit corridor.”

To be considered for any of our upcoming anthologies, please check our Submissions tab.

CLOSED- Chilling Christmas Tales!



FunDead Publications is currently seeking submissions for an upcoming anthology of chilling Christmas tales. Title TBA. We are looking for stories in the vein of Dickens, or ‘Between the Lights’ by E.F. Benson, or ‘The Kit-Bag’ by Algernon Blackwood. Ghosts and legends are encouraged, historical fiction is preferable for this collection.

Instructions: Send your submission to DearFunDead@gmail.com for consideration, but please read our guidelines below!

Submission Guidelines:

Submit by June 1, 2016 (EXTENDED) July 31, 2016 with a rough release date of November 20, 2016

Word Count: 1,000-6,000

Content Requirements: Your story must be set around the holidays, specifically Christmas or winter solstice. The time-period and content is your choice, but we are hoping to keep the them set in times-gone-by! Historical fiction, especially gothic in nature, will have higher chance for printing. Channel your inner Charles Dickens!

Payment: Accepted submissions will be awarded payment in the way of $10 upon printing. It may not be much, but we are a small and humble press just getting our start and it’s all we can offer at this time besides a little social media promotion and beyond. If your submission is accepted, you will also receive a printed copy of the anthology! Anyone wishing for extra copies to distribute to family and friends (or to sell on their own) will pay the flat, wholesale price plus shipping.

Format: Format should be in standard manuscript format and submitted as .doc, .docx, or PDF. Unfortunately, we cannot accept reprints at this time. Please include a brief cover letter introducing yourself along with your submission.

Response Time: Please be aware that it may be eight to ten weeks before you receive a response from FunDead Publications.

Diversity Statement: We at FunDead Publications believe diversity is what makes fiction wonderful and unique and we welcome submissions from writers of every race, religion, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation.

Winter Deer